Finding the time to manage your social media can be a nuisance. You tend to wait until the weekend or when the kids are in bed and you login to Facebook and well that’s as far as you get. Or you might not have any idea on where to start, which platforms to use and why.

Before you know it, several hours have gone buy and you have done nothing for your business, however you have organised a family get together, drinks with friends, surfed YouTube and made some great comments on friend’s photos. Then you close the lid to the laptop promising yourself that next weekend, it’s all about your business, scheduling your promotions and getting your brand out there. Well, you and I both know that it doesn’t always happen and then it gets put in the too hard basket until next time; is there a next time?

At EA for a Day we can take care of all your social media needs. Once set up and running all that is required is daily maintenance of the platforms you are using and your business can be out there humming away while you can concentrate on other strategies.

To find out more about how JMJ – EA for a Day can help you with your social media requirements contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.