EA For A Day Tip: Do You Wait Reply?

2011-12-24T20:27:35+11:00December 24th, 2011|

Wait Reply files are fantastic for the office.  How do you manage the work you need to review on certain days? If you don't have your own Wait Reply System, they are easy to create and if you are in the mood to recycle then even better.  Get  yourself 31 suspension files number them 1

EA For A Day Tip: Don’t Cut Corners

2011-12-23T16:23:28+11:00December 23rd, 2011|

You want to do the best job that you can, and it is important that you purchase the best equipment that will help you do this. If the best is outside your price range. DO NOT settle for second best As settling for second best will only cost you more in the long run, in

EA For A Day Tip : Office Review

2011-12-21T13:18:34+11:00December 21st, 2011|

Every month, spend a couple of hours reviewing how you work in your office, what is working and what is not working and implement any necessary changes. "Working the same way in your office day in and day out can become boring and too comfortable. I recommend mixing it up after all, you do not