How To Save Space On Your Website Or Blog With Images

2012-08-09T04:41:51+10:00August 9th, 2012|

We have all heard of YouTube and Vimeo for Video sharing and we know about flickr for sharing images (and videos) with family and friends around the globe but did you realise you can also use flickr to upload images to your website or blog program? You know of course this means you will save

What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

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E-mail is E-mail is E-mail? Your e-mail address speaks for your business, for you, for your brand. It is vital that you get this right, your credibility can be at stake. If you currently use an Internet based e-mail on your business cards, how's business going for you? Are people breaking your door down to

Know Your Stuff

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The meeting: This week I had the opportunity to meet an incredible young woman who is in the process of starting her own business.   As we enjoyed brunch at a great little cafe in an outer east Melbourne suburb, we chewed the fat (not literally) on both of our businesses.  Lady X, as we will