The Good Secretary

2012-03-25T15:55:06+11:00March 25th, 2012|

I came across this great 10-minute video while I was searching YouTube for some inspiration for exactly this type of thing. I watched it twice as I wanted to make sure that I had seen and heard correctly, as my mind was telling me that from 1947 to 2012, absolutely nothing had changed in the

Social Media, Do You Have The Time?

2012-03-12T11:21:20+11:00March 12th, 2012|

Finding the time to manage your social media can be a nuisance. You tend to wait until the weekend or when the kids are in bed and you login to Facebook and well that's as far as you get. Or you might not have any idea on where to start, which platforms to use and

Excel, How To Protect Your Brand On A Spread Sheet

2012-03-11T16:08:17+11:00March 11th, 2012|

You can protect selected parts of a worksheet ie, your headings, logos, particular columns etc. With the spreadsheet open that you want to protect, select the cells that you want people to be able to use.  If the cells are intermittent, hold down the Command key if you are using Apple Mac or the Control

Don’t Lose Track Of The Row You Are In?

2012-03-11T16:06:53+11:00March 11th, 2012|

When you have a lot of data in a spreadsheet it is easy to forget where you are.  This tip explains how to highlight a cell in a row and move backwards and forward on the row and still have the row remain highlighted. Click the cell you want Shift+spacebar to highlight the entire row