How To Avoid The Dangers Of Procrastination In Business

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Often in small business the most important tasks can feel overwhelming, intimidating, or just plain difficult. These important tasks are the tasks that easily avoided by procrastinating. If you put these important tasks on the back burner for too long, you will stifle your business’ growth. Don’t let fear or anxiety hold you back from

How To Manage Multiple Diaries Using Google Apps

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Up until I started running my own business, the word Apple would not roll off my lips unless I was talking about the fruit.  I was a Microsoft girl through and through. It wasn't until I set out on my business adventure and began working with clients who used Mac that I was shown the

Keeping Up With Social Media

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You may have jumped on board with social media right away. You saw the significance of connecting with potential clients and industry peers on all the various platforms, so you created multiple profiles and pages. Maybe the excitement has worn off and you are seeing very little interaction on your various pages Are you wondering

Why Nothing Should Ever Stay The Same

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I've been updating again, I can't help myself.  My husband always gets a little weary when I stand in the corner of a room staring, he knows what's coming.  A reshuffle of the furniture ... "Why can't you leave things as they are" he always asks, and my reply is always "because it's boring". Your