Create Your Own Business Plan – The Basics

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You need a  plan One of the most important things you can do for your business is have a plan.  It isn't a nice to do but a must do. Some VA's don't use a plan, they have a dream, they know what they want but no idea how to get there. So, they plug

What You Need From Your Client

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More often than not first impressions go a long way. It's what we base our gut instincts on. The prospective client doesn't need to meet with you in a suit or heels for you to want to work with them. You will want to work with them because of the vibe you get when you

How To Manage A First Time Meeting With A Potential Client

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Attending that first meeting with a potential client can be so overwhelming that we act like we are in an interview. As soon as we do that we relinquish all our power, we display poor body language and before we know it, we've agreed to work for a client well below our rate. They leave