10 Questions Virtual Assistants Should Know The Answers To

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My role as an administration consultant means that I provide much more to my clients than database entry. I am the keeper of all that is personal and financial to a lot of my clients. I manage their expenditure, make purchases and book travel. I am trusted with the inner most details of my clients business

How To Be In Two Places At The Same Time

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Every business person, regardless of their type of business, often wishes they could be in two places at one time; I know I most certainly have. Trying to do it all by working on your business and in your business isn't a smart way of doing business. Of course, we all have to start somewhere,

5 Tips For Keeping Your Desktop Clear Of Paperwork

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Your desk is the way it is because you let it happen. You can't blame the people who gave you work, it all comes down to housekeeping.  Just because you have papers and books strewn all over your desk, doesn't tell the lay-person that you work really hard.  It actually tells them that you aren't

Will I See You At The 6th Annual EA PA Convention?

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I was honoured recently to have been contacted by the conference organisers of The 6th Annual EA & PA Convention. The upshot was they would like JMJ -  EA for a Day to go to Sydney and speak to a room of admin professionals on one of two topics. I am very passionate about both topics offered

7-Social Media Tips For Your Start-Up Business

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Don't forget to factor in Social Media. When starting out in business, we don't give much thought to social media and what platforms we will use to get our message across to your clients or customers.  As of June 2013, there are 1.11 billion Facebook users, with 665 million people logging on to their accounts