You can protect selected parts of a worksheet ie, your headings, logos, particular columns etc.

With the spreadsheet open that you want to protect, select the cells that you want people to be able to use.  If the cells are intermittent, hold down the Command key if you are using Apple Mac or the Control key if you are using Windows to highlight the required cells.

Click format
Click Cells
Choose Protection
Make sure the check box beside ‘Locked’ is unchecked

Read the list of permissions for example,
do you want the user to be able to enter data in non protected cells?
can they format non protected cells?
can they create hyperlinks in non protected cells?
check the relevant boxes that you would like people to be able to perform

Click okay
Click on Tools
Select Protection
Click Protect Worksheet

You can then choose to password the document or not.  If you don’t password the spreadsheet then the end user if they know how to unprotect the sheet can remove the branding and or make any other alterations.  If the end user clicks on Unprotect the Worksheet, a password window will pop up so unless they know the password, you are guaranteed that your branding and ownership of the document will remain as is.