Are You Listening To Your Website Users?

2020-04-30T15:36:19+10:00April 22nd, 2014|

Are your website users trying to communicate to you through an outdated and unresponsive site? Your business website is where your clients find out the most information about you, before they actually talk to you. So you want to show off your business … right? Many business owners have a go at building their own website and

Are We Focusing Enough On Ourselves?

2020-04-30T15:36:45+10:00April 7th, 2014|

I love to learn new things, new perspectives and new points of view, but there are only so many hours in a day to take things in.  One way I do this is to work and listen to podcasts or videos, and recently I listened to a Google Hangout with Guy Kawasaki, Adriana Huffington and Rich Sheridan.

Linkedin, Use It Or Lose It

2020-04-30T15:36:51+10:00April 4th, 2014|

If you haven't already created yourself a Linkedin profile, do it! Linkedin is one of the best networking tools on the market and it's free. Then why is it, that so many of us create a profile, but don't utilise it. You don't have to check it out every hour, once a week minimum is great. If you