Two years ago, Mac and malware would never have been used in the same breath, but now as Apple continue to break new ground and develop exciting products, we hear these two words together more often.

The Flashback Trojan is malware that has been around since September 2011, so it’s not new (time wise). Mashable is a fantastic site for all things tech and there is no shortage of information on the site about Mac’s and malware.  Our computer playgrounds are not safe and it is up to us to  minimise any danger we are exposed to by ensuring we use the best anti-virus software that we can afford.

So what does the Flashback do that is so bad, oh it searches your system and sniffs out logins and passwords and then sends this information to a website.

So what can you do to keep your information safe:

  • Keep your systems updated
  • Run the latest operating systems
  • Run reputable virus scan protection
  • Disable Java from running on your computer
  • Don’t be naive, be vigilant, if it looks suspicious it most possibly is

When I purchased my first Mac computer I was told I didn’t need virus protection because people did not make threats for Mac, silly me believed them, and I have been blissfully unaware until recently.  Now you can purchase a variety of virus protection for your Mac and yes like all things Mac you pay a little more but what price do you put on your security.

Do yourself a favour and visit Mashable to find out more about the Flashback Trojan and how to protect or remove it.  There is a variety of blogs and articles that can only help you.