Creating an email hyperlink in your document

I love the fact that we have the ability to put links right into documents that when you click on them, the link opens up your email client.  The email is addressed and the subject matter is already filled in.  All you need to do it type the content.

Below I have given you bullet point instruction on how to do this.  If you are using a wide screen, split your screen and give this a go. (That way you won’t need to keep jumping between documents you will just need to look left to right).

  • Open your document
  • Insert the cursor at the point where you want the hyperlink to go
  • Type the text you want people to read in the document for example, contact me, or email me
  • Highlight this text (if you highlight the text it will automatically appear in the ‘Display window’ of the Hyperlink pop up)
  • Click Insert on your toolbar
  • In the drop down list click Hyperlink
  • In the hyperlink pop up window, click email address
  • Choose the email address that you want people to email when they click on the link
  • If the email address you want is not in your ‘recently used’ drop down list, create your own in the To: field
  • When you do the above step, the Link to: field automatically populates
  • Enter the subject heading so that you can recognise the email has come from this document
  • Click OK

There you have it.  You have created your very own email hyperlink within your document.