My role as an administration consultant means that I provide much more to my clients than database entry. I am the keeper of all that is personal and financial to a lot of my clients. I manage their expenditure, make purchases and book travel. I am trusted with the inner most details of my clients business and personal lives.

My clients trust me to do the right thing on their behalf. There are however VA’s out there that need a little help in landing that one client that they can connect with and build a trusting working relationship with.

As a consultant, I get to undertake a lot of business tasks, and one of them is to be involved in the recruitment process for my clients. Below, I share with you the 10 most common questions that I would ask a VA at the interview, and that every VA should be able to answer.

Today I undertook 3 interviews in conjunction with my client. I was there to gauge the responses as an admin professional, and if I felt answers needed to be expanded upon, then it was up to me to ask more probing questions.

It never ceases to amaze me that some VA’s just go through the motions, give cookie cutter responses and think that is enough to get them the job.  Newsflash, it isn’t, not if you have me involved in the interview as well.

When a client is looking to work with an overseas VA, he or she is looking to find someone that has integrity and can be trusted to work and manage certain tasks on a clients behalf.

For those of you who are just starting out, click here or the link below to get your copy of the 10 Questions

Please leave a comment below and let me know what other questions you would ask?