Every business person, regardless of their type of business, often wishes they could be in two places at one time; I know I most certainly have.

Trying to do it all by working on your business and in your business isn’t a smart way of doing business. Of course, we all have to start somewhere, and before you can start delegating tasks you should in theory, know how to do them yourself or at the very least, have a basic idea of what it is you want to achieve.

I’ve heard it said that you should be making over a certain sum of money before you even begin to look at hiring someone who can help you appear to be in two places at once.  It does not take long for a good assistant to understand the mind and personality of their client, whether they be in the next suburb, in the next State or based internationally.

SME’s are everywhere, and you don’t need a degree to call yourself one, you just need to know everything there is about your chosen subject, and hopefully, there is a whole lot of life experience thrown in.

So when you get to the stage of feeling overwhelmed with the administration side of your business and stress levels are on the increase, it is time to consider getting some help. So what are some tasks that an assistant can do to help you?

  1. Schedule your appointments
  2. Manage your travel
  3. Conduct research
  4. Prepare your blog posts
  5. Schedule your social media
  6. Coordinate your projects
  7. Prepare your presentations
  8. Invoice your clients
  9. Draft your correspondence
  10. Manage your emails
  11. Prepare your HTML newsletters

Working in the virtual world is normal. More and more people work from home, cafes and hotels. Email and SMS have taken over crossing the floor to speak to someone. We are more comfortable behind the screen of a tablet, computer or smart phone.

It makes sense to only pay for help when you need it. When you engage the services of virtual assistant, the most common methods are to pay hourly, by project or by retainer, and there are never any overheads, no superannuation, no payroll tax, no sick leave or annual leave and you don’t need to supply equipment or office space. You simply pay for the time worked.

Working with a virtual assistant who is in the same time zone / country as you can make being in two places even easier, there are no language barrier issues and no time zone issues. Work is turned around faster.

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