I was honoured recently to have been contacted by the conference organisers of The 6th Annual EA & PA Convention. The upshot was they would like JMJ –  EA for a Day to go to Sydney and speak to a room of admin professionals on one of two topics. I am very passionate about both topics offered to me, so I took a day or two to decide on which topic I could deliver the best message.

 JMJ – EA for a Day – Apps for Increased Productivity: Hints, tips, & must haves

  • Tips for becoming more digitally efficient
  • Utilising smartphones and tablets in and out with the office
  • 10 must have apps for executive assistants

This topic is pretty much endless, Apps are changing all the time, but my challenge is to develop a talk around Apps that can be used not only in the digital world but also in the corporate world where company IT systems block anything and everything, and where admin professionals still find themselves operating on IE5, *shuddering at the thought*. A low blow perhaps, but it comes down to providing the right tools to get the right outcome.  However, that’s another blog for another day.

With smartphones and tablets being carried in handbags and brief cases all over the world, they need to be put to better use other than for playing games or checking in on Facebook on the way home while you rid the bus or the train.

To continue on with the digital theme, the Convention organisers then asked me to conduct a workshop.  This required more thought as I wanted to ensure I could commit to putting together a workshop that would be beneficial to those attending.  This will take some time to put together, however before I knew it I had accepted the offer of running a workshop.  So game on JMJ …

JMJ – EA for a Day – Digital Tools for Increased Workplace Efficiency

Working digitally is more important than ever before, digital tools can inspire us to work better, faster and allow us the freedom to work anywhere. This interactive workshop will provide you with practical tools to utilise the latest apps, social media channels and digital tools for increased workplace efficiency and productivity.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Learn how to work smarter with Apps
  • Find out what EA’s and business say are the best Apps for Mac and Android
  • Assess how you can improve your professional digital skills

What you will take away by attending

  • Ideas on how to get your life back from being online all the time
  • How to be productive while away from the office without your computer
  • How to use social media forums to enhance your skills

Want to know more, click here for further details.