The meeting:

This week I had the opportunity to meet an incredible young woman who is in the process of starting her own business.   As we enjoyed brunch at a great little cafe in an outer east Melbourne suburb, we chewed the fat (not literally) on both of our businesses.  Lady X, as we will call her,  wanted to know more about me and what I did and equally, I wanted to find out more about her and her start-up so I could offer the appropriate advice should she ask.

What did we learn?

We both enjoyed learning more and discovered that we shared the same philosophy and we both left our meeting knowing a lot more than what we went in with.  We both agreed that starting your own business isn’t about ‘take’, in fact it should never be about ‘take’, you won’t do much business where you think you are owed.  Starting up and operating your own business is about give, it’s about acknowledgement, and it’s about listening.  Think about it, without the give, acknowledgement and listen traits, how far will you get with your own customers or clients, you might not get a lot of return business.

What is the outcome?

So is there an outcome from a first time meeting between to young businesses?  Yes of course there is, we both are working very hard at making sure our businesses gain momentum and provide trusted services to our clients and the opportunity to grow and exchange ideas with the possibility of working together in the future is a great outcome.

How do you provide a trusted service?

You provide a trusted service by having integrity, transparency, and a ‘give’ philosophy.  By nature people are hoarders, we like to hold onto everything because we feel no one can do it better than what we can.  Attend meetings with an open mind, listen and be prepared to share.

It all comes down to knowing your business, pushing the boundaries and giving where you can.

Maintaining business relationships is hard work, but so is working in and on your business.  You can’t sit back on your hands and wait for everything to land on your plate, because it won’t.

In the end, running your own business comes down to  knowing your stuff, and how do you know when you ‘know your stuff‘, you live it, breathe it and talk about it with passion and conviction.