E-mail is E-mail is E-mail?

Your e-mail address speaks for your business, for you, for your brand. It is vital that you get this right, your credibility can be at stake.

If you currently use an Internet based e-mail on your business cards, how’s business going for you? Are people breaking your door down to get your services, do you have a waiting list for clients, are you the employer of choice?

If the above is not happening for you it could be because you are using an Internet based e-mail account on your documentation | business cards. If you are, do your business a favour and register a domain name; find a domain seller, purchase a domain name and have your business email set up, it is worth the small investment that you will outlay and you will reap the benefits.

Using an Internet based e-mail is a fantastic tool, but not for putting on your business cards.

Uses for Internet based E-mail

  • Signing up to websites
  • Online registrations
  • Signing up for newsletters


  • Create filters
  • Forward only wanted mail to your domain
  • Use a program like Thunderbird to manage your Internet e-mail (It’s free)

GMail gives you the most freedom and links in with a variety of online sites giving you easy access to Google+, YouTube and many more