We have all heard of YouTube and Vimeo for Video sharing and we know about flickr for sharing images (and videos) with family and friends around the globe but did you realise you can also use flickr to upload images to your website or blog program? You know of course this means you will save oodles of space with your web host and you won’t receive any of those nasty emails telling you, ‘You are running out of space’ or ‘the file is too large’ to upload.

If you don’t have a flickr account, create one. It’s a three step process and they don’t need to know what your mothers maiden name is.

You can also set security for your images so you can use your flickr account for both personal and business. Too easy.

When you do not own the photograph
NOTE If you want to link to a photo you find on flickr that you do not own, for your blog or your website, you can do this.  However, you must provide a link back to the photographer.  This will ensure readers can find out more information about the photographer or content you have chosen to use and makes sure credit is given where it is due.

I must admit when I first started out in my own business whilst I was fantastic in some area’s I still had an awful lot to learn in others.  When it came to websites I was a relative novice however, it was something I needed to learn about and fast.  I contacted my good friend Lindy at Shutterweb who not only built my site but also provided a lot of wonderful tuition along the way, where I can now be self-sufficient with my WordPress site and manage the blogs and posts for my clients.  The whole idea of learning is that you never stop, so with that I wanted to find out how I could upload images and create galleries without taking up space on my site (need to keep my web host happy).

Along came Lindy again to the rescue, with a wonderful suggestion that I create a Flickr account.  I had always wrongly assumed that Flickr was just for people to upload their photo’s to share with family and friends around the globe.  Flickr as it turns out is also a fantastic site for uploading the photos and videos you want to share on your website.

For this exercise I will assume you already have a Flickr account, if not go create one, it is free.  However if you want to upload ‘lots‘ of images than you are better off with a paid account for a small yearly subscription it could be well worth it however, only you can determine that.
JMJ - Business Services Flyer


So how do you share an image on your website?  Pretty much the same way you share a video from YouTube or Vimeo, you click on Share and copy the HTML link.  Which is what I have done to display the image above, to see how I have grabbed the HTML code, check out the short video below.