Will I See You At The 6th Annual EA PA Convention?

2013-07-09T09:00:55+10:00July 9th, 2013|

I was honoured recently to have been contacted by the conference organisers of The 6th Annual EA & PA Convention. The upshot was they would like JMJ -  EA for a Day to go to Sydney and speak to a room of admin professionals on one of two topics. I am very passionate about both topics offered

Workshop Series – Your Tool Kit – 10 Must Have Items

2013-01-26T22:06:42+11:00January 26th, 2013|

Your tool kit is a vital ingredient that will aid you in the successful delivery of your workshop. Your tool kit should be a part of the planning for your first workshop and then built upon as you do more and as your needs and presentation delivery change. Some of what is below might be