Your tool kit is a vital ingredient that will aid you in the successful delivery of your workshop. Your tool kit should be a part of the planning for your first workshop and then built upon as you do more and as your needs and presentation delivery change. Some of what is below might be obvious, however I never assume anything. For some the below list will be just the beginning.

Having organised many workshops, seminars, conferences and events in my 25+ year career, I have a fair idea of what a tool kit should consist of and 9 times out of 10, your kit should also include a back up of the back up.  Your tool kit should never leave anything to chance, there is nothing worse than you or your boss rummaging around mid presentation for something that isn’t in the kit but should be.

Many venues provide most things you need so make sure you check what is part of your package and what isn’t. It all comes down to planning. Of course, everything your venue provides will come at a price so if you are on a budget, raiding the stationery cupboard before you go is a great idea.  So here are a few of the items you should keep as part of a basic presentation kit.

  1. White board textas (yellow is always useless if viewed from a distance) Take the yellow out and replace with a second black and include a whiteboard duster.
  2. Spare pens and pencils (someone undoubtedly will ask you at some stage “do you have a pen” and you don’t want to give them your sterling silver Parker pen, you might lose it.
  3. A hand held remote control for presentations.  Test this out before hand, ensure the clicker you use is compatible with your laptop and software has been loaded correctly and that you can change slides while moving around the room. (If the remote has a built in laser pointer all the better).
  4. AV plug.  This is a must have for connecting the laptop to the venues data system.
  5. Mini WiFi, if the venue does not provide access to the Internet, ensure you have a portable WiFi unit installed on your laptop so you can use if necessary.
  6. Portable sound systems.  There are some fantastic portable speakers available on the market such as Moshi Burgers.  Strange name but they are small and portable just plug them into your laptop or lay them out on a table at the front of the room to amplify.
  7. USB stick with a back up of your presentation also take a hard copy of your presentation.
  8. Business cards, ensure you have ample cards for the event, don’t get short by having only one left in your wallet.
  9. All relevant support materials.  Don’t forget to bring your workshop manuals / flyers, brochures, support documents.
  10. A good sturdy bag, big enough to hold all of the above and more; a bag dedicated to holding your tool kit only.  Then when not in use everything is neatly packed away in the bag ready for the next one.

Can you think of other things you would want to have when presenting?

Please leave a comment below.

Image credit: ohmega1982 / 123RF Stock Photo