How To Manage Multiple Diaries Using Google Apps

Up until I started running my own business, the word Apple would not roll off my lips unless I was talking about the fruit.  I was a Microsoft girl through and through. It wasn’t until I set out on my business adventure and began working with clients who used Mac that I was shown the light and discovered there was a better way to manage multiple accounts. It did take some time; I didn’t switch overnight; I kept going back to my old PC. After a while I realised that for my type of business, PC and Microsoft were not able to help me.

Mac became my new best friend, and I soon found myself having to have one of each, Imac, MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone. Then to make sure I was able to use all of these devices as one, I had to have Google Apps that integrates and syncs across all of my devices, I can access email from any web browser or the Gmail app anywhere. I can check on and action client emails and update calendars; this makes me truly mobile with my business. I simply love how everything links together, and now, thanks to recent changes, you can have multiple sign ins. For my business, this is a great way to manage multiple email accounts and diaries while at my computer. 

I find using GoogleApps a great way to run my business and collaborate with clients and anyone else I need to share things with; one of my better business decisions was to run my domain through Google.

Google has made changes in the past month that allows you to pick from a single window, which account you want to login to. This is great; no more manually trying to login, I just click the button enter the password and away I go. So how does this help with managing multiple diaries I hear you ask?

How to open more than one account with Google.

  1. Open your preferred browser
  2. Type in
  3. Log into the desired account
  4. Click on your profile picture at the far top right of your window (next to the Share Button)
  5. Click add account
  6. Either choose one of the GMail accounts you already have access to or click add a new account
  7. Enter your details
  8. The new account will open up in a new tab.

So when you have finished working simply close the tab you no longer need and then log out of Google at the end of the day. This way you can continue to go backwards and forwards to accounts if you need to without having to log back in again.

If you are not running your domain through GoogleApps, why not?  It is super easy to set up; you don’t need any expensive techie to do it for you, but you will need to verify you own your domain by putting a code into your website.  This is where you enlist the help of your web person; that’s it.  Even if your website is still being built, you can still set up,  receive and send email.

So whether you are in the United States or in Australia, there is a GoogleApps for Business that can help you and if you are a virtual assistant, a solopreneur or entrepreneur, there is no better way of working when it comes to diary management.

I’d love to know your thoughts on GoogleApps, please leave a comment below.