I was recently asked a question about social media strategies, specifically how to develop / write one. It is one of the more common how to questions I’m asked. As a result, I have decided to put together this blog post with my ten must have inclusions for your social media strategy.

If you are an entrepreneur, virtual assistant or small business and you do not have a marketing strategy, how do you measure ROI, your market, what they want, what they need, how they react on different platforms? You need to be spending as much time in the back end of your platforms as you do posting, commenting and liking.

Social media is all about the relationship you create with your likers and followers, and if you are not getting engagement, then you need to rethink how you play the game. Facebook haven’t made that easy, we all know they have changed the way they play the game, but that doesn’t mean we need to play the way they want us to. I’m a bit of a rebel at heart, if I’m told no I want to know why not. I never take things on face value and firmly believe (excuse this cat lovers) there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

If the way you are currently engaging with your target market on social media is not getting you very far. Try changing your tact, become more personable (forget the photos of the daily coffee or what you are having for lunch). Acknowledge them, because the person who left you the comment, has taken the time out of their day to do so. The courtesy of acknowledging those who take the time to comment goes a long way to cementing your credibility.

Find out what it is that gets your target markets attention. Do they like videos, posts, photos, shared posts or straight text? Use your platforms analytics to give you this information to use in formulating your strategy.

What you need to know to create your social media strategy

  1. Know who your target market is and what they are looking for from you, be present so you can respond to questions in a timely manner. Schedules are great and do have a place in every social media strategy, but they are no replacement for you when it comes to building relationships with your target market.
  2. Know what social media platforms your target market prefer to use, no point in spending all your time on Facebook, if your target market hangout on Twitter.
  3. Know what your message is, what is it that will share and talk about and when to post it. If your target market is in Australia, there is no point sending out posts at 2am in the morning unless of course that’s when your market are active online.
  4. Know how often you are posting and to which platforms.
  5. Know how to read your social media analytics. Some social media platforms have too many analytics and you need a degree to work through everything, work out what it is you need to know and create a dashboard that you can update and measure over time.
  6. Know who your competition are, keep an eye on them. If you are watching them, you can back it in they are watching you.
  7. Know who your stakeholders are, who needs you to get this right.
  8. Know how you will measure your ROI, there is no point pouring hard earned money down the drain. That is exactly what will happen if you don’t keep a handle on this one.
  9. Know how to delegate, because at some stage, you will need someone to help you with this, especially if social media is not your core business.
  10. Know when you need to revisit, just like a goal, aspiration, business plan, disaster recovery plan, they are always fluid, never set in concrete. You need to be able to move with your target market. Social media is as bad as technology, and there is something new everyday. You simply need to keep on top of it.

I would love to know what you think; what else would you include in your social media strategy?