Do you want to grow your coaching business?

Of course, you do!

Many coaches are looking to increase their speaking engagements and revenue but consistently seem to be hitting a brick wall.

Psychologists agree that we have a tendency of blocking out the uncomfortable truth. However, in order to grow your business into an even more successful venture, you’ll need to acknowledge the four things we’re about to discuss.

Are you ready?

Here we go.

1.    You’re probably getting less done than you think

Yes, we all like to think that we’re hitting home runs every single day at work. The truth of the matter? You’re probably getting less done than you think. And why is that? Because as human beings we live in a world where we’re constantly distracted.

According to a study carried out by leading Australian academic Dr. Lindsay McMillan OAM, less than half (43%) of employed adults in Australia think they are working at their peak performance level most of the time (80 – 100% of the time).

Interestingly, half of those interviewed admitted that most days they don’t really put in their maximum effort, and a third acknowledged that they often find themselves distracted while at work. Among the top distractions were smartphones (55%), the internet (41%), social media (37%) and email (26%).

Distractions happen to the best of us. So what can you do to rectify this? Delegate the tasks you don’t need to be doing such as responding to client emails, booking venues, and organising your diary. Focus instead on the more important aspects of the business such as marketing and networking with others.

2.    You shouldn’t do everything yourself

Sometimes we think we’re superheroes and can multi-task and do everything by ourselves. While we may be able to do it, it is probably not in the best interests of the business to do so.

Taking a step back and seeing what can be handed over to others is the first step to dealing with this uncomfortable truth. If you are freed from doing the administrative day-to-day tasks, you can get creative – preparing talks, reading, and staying ahead of the competition.

Working with a reputable and experienced management team is a smart move. And when you’ve hired a team to help you out, don’t micromanage them. Don’t try and control every single aspect of what you’ve hired them to do. Give your team enough room to work comfortably. Trust them to handle your business’s back-end like the professionals that they are.

3.    You need to learn to say ‘no’

It’s okay to say ‘no’ to some things. Constantly saying ‘yes’ to every meeting, every conference engagement, every speaking opportunity will eventually burn you out. You need to be selective in what you do.

What many might find surprising is that productivity increases and quality of life improve when you choose to be selective about what you do and don’t do in your business. Things such as keeping your social media profiles active, getting on the phone and talking to clients, scheduling appointments and booking venues aren’t things you should be worried about.

These are the activities you should say ‘no’ to doing yourself and instead hire a business management team to help with. You’ll be amazed by how much freedom you’ll get to pursue the things needed to develop your coaching practice.

4.    Perhaps you’re your own worst enemy

Self-employed people often find it difficult to disconnect themselves emotionally from the business. This is particularly true of coaches. They like to see themselves as the heart and soul of the business – of which they rightly are. However, this is still a business and as such it must be run on proper systems and structures.

Take a step back and look at your coaching practice from an outsider’s perspective. What do they see? Do they see a business that’s operating as a one-man or woman show or a practice that’s got a well-established team in place handling operations as they should? If you want people to take you and your coaching business seriously, you need to stop being your own worst enemy. Learn to let go.

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