This website hack will blow your mind, really!

I dare say you may have spent a little time looking around my website. Did you find out all that you wanted to know?

I am always updating my website, keeping it as current as I possibly can. Did you know that your website is the hardest working tool in your arsenal?

It’s rather surprising that prospective clients reach out for help with their business systems and the most basic tool, the one that is advertising their business 24/7 is old and tired and often very out of date.

My first tip for you is to do an audit of your website. To do it properly can take some time so make sure you do this with intentionality so block out a window of time. Half a day – yes, no joke – half a day should be more than adequate.

Follow the below checklist to help you determine what on your website is showing its age.

When was the last time you visited someone’s website and clicked off it straight away because it either didn’t tell you what you wanted to know, or it was outdated?

My biggest tip here is:

Your website is not set and forget

To me, nothing says ‘don’t go there’ quicker than an old, tired out of date website. Think about it, if their website is like that, how are they running their business.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is:
Block out 1/2 a day in your diary, you may not need this amount of time. If you don’t yay, you just got some time back in your day.
Undertake an audit of your website using the basic website audit checklist below
Let me know how you went

  • Review each page
  • Look for broken links, old text, outdated images.
  • Read your text and check for grammar and punctuation.
  • Are your headings a consistent size and format?
  • Do you need to break up text with bullet points or images (nothing worse than staring down a page full of text *yawn*.
  • Check your site out on your mobile is it responsive?
  • Optimise your site – ensure it is running the most current version (back your site up first).
  • Improve your SEO – make sure there is a meta description, key focus word for each page and post.
  • Check your site footer; is the copyright pointing to the correct year?
  • Search your site on Google.
  • Search your name on Google.
  • Check backlinks.

You need to do this again and again and…

Your website isn’t a set and forget. I know I’ve already mentioned that but I’m serious. To keep people on your website, they need it to work, they need to find what they are looking for and they need to be able to navigate it easily.

Monthly auditing of your website is something we highly recommend. There can be nothing more annoying than clicking on a broken link.  How many times have you been back to a website that wasn’t up to scratch?

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