I’ve worked with many task-orientated virtual assistants over the years; they are happy to be assigned the task, do the job and move onto the next one. The jobs don’t need to be related for them to achieve a sense of achievement; the buzz comes from completing the task and ticking it off the list. Often, a task-orientated Virtual Assistant does not think outside the square and most times will not ask questions about the instructions given to them. Whether right or wrong, the instructions are gospel and that is what they work to, even if something doesn’t seem right, as long as they can tick that job off and get paid that’s the most important thing to them.

A task-orientated virtual assistant, however, can play an incredible role for their clients and can be a vital part of a virtual assistant team, as such, they need to feel empowered to ask the hard questions. But unfortunately, many task-orientated VAs don’t feel empowered, and as a result, there can be problems that often result in a lack of future work.

The worst things you can do for your client

  1. Communication starts well but then disappears
  2. Stop being available regularly
  3. Don’t ask for more work
  4. Avoid offering more services or consult up
  5. Send an invoice for each task carried out
  6. Don’t question processes or requests
  7. Make mistakes because the procedures or request has been incorrect
  8. Fail to learn from mistakes
  9. Don’t check their work before submitting it
  10. Not detail orientated enough

The secret to becoming a stand out virtual assistant

  1. Always maintain lines of communication with your client
  2. Be available when you say you will be available
  3. Ask for work if it slows down, most times the client is busy doing other things
  4. Send your account at the end of the week or end of the fortnight, sending after each task creates more work for the client
  5. When given instructions read through them before undertaking them, if something doesn’t seem right; question this with your client. They don’t want you wasting their time, and they must provide you with the correct information to do the job
  6. Review your work before you submit it to the client always
  7. Respond to emails and requests promptly, if you need to negotiate a longer time to complete a task let the client know

A task-orientated virtual assistant is only as good as the instructions they are sent by the client; therefore, if the instructions are not proper, the work won’t be right. If you feel the instructions are lacking or you don’t end up with the result you expected, always ask the question of the client. Communication is vital.

What your client wants from you

  1. Excellent communication skills – ask hard questions.
  2. Attention to detail – so make sure you check your work first before submitting it.
  3. Follow instruction – read everything first before carrying the task out. If something isn’t right or doesn’t look right, refer to #1 above.

Remember you’re the boss of you, so act like the boss, be responsible and take charge. Your client is relying on you to provide the help you say you will when you will. Being the one for them to count on will help you become a stand out virtual assistant, and get that fantastic testimonial to add to your website.

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