I am always looking for inspiration and different ideas on how to do things and then I came across this video and I agree with Matt Cutts, (whose video this is) that “time is going too quickly” and I find myself wondering where it is going and what I am doing with it. Let me see, what have I done in the last few weeks *thinking cap on* I might have gone shopping, or visited a friend or two, had a few client meetings, worked 16 hours a day, but have I done anything of significance that I am going to look back on and remember, I mean really remember all the details of the day with a sense of pride and achievement.

I won’t give any of the things that Matt did away, you need to watch the video and then like me I am sure you will begin to think about what you can do. I mean really, it’s simple and I think some of us (and I include myself) spend way to much time over complicating our lives and what for, only to look back when we are older and regret we didn’t try half the things we wanted to.

Take a peak at this video, it is short only 3:27 minutes and I am sure that you will get inspired to find something you can do for 30 days. I have already decided what I am going to do for 30 days, now my dilemma is when does my 30 days begin.

Whatever it is you decide to do, have fun with it.