The most powerful tool you have as a virtual assistant is what I consider to be the most business-changing of all. Of all the resources and tools we have available to us as virtual assistants, there is ONLY one tool that without, it’s a business fail.

Throughout my career in corporate and then through running my business, I have had the privilege of being across many private and personal projects for directors and clients. This means, that my number one tool has to be beyond reproach when it comes to dealing with and accessing both private and personal information. So who would have realised when I first started JMJ – EA for a Day that something I have always held dear to me, would become one of the single most important reasons my clients are my clients.

The Most Powerful Tool

No matter how good you do what you do, without INTEGRITY, you have absolutely nothing. INTEGRITY is absolutely everything between you and your clients. Having INTEGRITY isn’t just about saying you will do what you say you’ll do, it’s also about demonstrating you’re a good person in a variety of ways. Being trustworthy and reliable are two ways.

I find that the majority of my clients past and present come from referrals. My clients are my biggest fans and that is intentional. I have to deliver on my promise.

So what happens if you don’t have integrity, supreme failure. All of your hard work will be gone. People without integrity are untrustworthy and if your client can’t trust you implicitly then they don’t refer you, they leave.

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