I’m so happy to let you know that since I wrote last week’s note I have my first long term client, and several more happening in the pipeline. I am now using two desks in the office and both PC and Mac platforms, I’m working in the Cloud and using more apps then I ever thought was possible.

I had a great meeting with my website designer this morning and yes, I can promise you we are on target for a late June launch. The site looks amazing, I’m so happy with the colours and the way the site will work. It’s very clean and crisp and will be so easy for you to manoeuvre. As I promised you in an earlier note, your JMJ – EA for a Day site would be easy on the eye and easy to use. I myself dislike nothing more than a non-user friendly website; frankly it’s a waste of my time, I have far better things to do than scroll up, down and across pages and badly mapped out sites, my poor mouse gets a good enough work out as it is.

I have the most wonderful design for my business cards, thank you Bella for coming up with the concept; it’s incredible I can see it in my mind’s eye, so it’s off to the printers in the next week to get them sorted out.

They say ‘success breeds success’ and it’s true. In the realm of business, it is vital that you pick wisely who you allow to join your networks on all the social media sites. I am sure each and every one of you read the profiles of any possible connection on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter; I know I do and if there isn’t enough information, or something doesn’t quite seem right, I always ignore the request. That way I’m always assured of having like minded people in my networks, it’s no good surrounding yourself with negativity, it just in the success vocabulary.

Have you been following the Excel tips I have been putting out over the past week, there are only three more to go before the 10 Excel tips are finished and we will then start on Word. I’ve just had another wonderful idea to help you navigate your way around your PC…if you need help on anything specific, contact me or leave me a message on the page.

Until next week, have a great one.