What a week, I feel both totally exhausted and extremely happy at the same time. For the past few months my friend Bella and I have been working hard on your website, considering layout, flow, colours and ease of use.

Would you believe that the week before the site went live I sent it to 10 people (who were not all related to me) for their objective opinions. The response was fantastic, the site was a hit with those who tested it and played with the tabs, and read the text. So Bella and I took the plunge, the site would stay as it was for the world to see and use.

Just because you create a website and put it out there doesn’t mean you forget about it. It needs to be taken care of and updated with current and helpful information, as I see my website as a highly effective tool for my business. In coming months, you can expect to find:

Monthly newsletters
Weekly tips for the everyday office
My top 10 tips for Word, Publisher, Visio, PowerPoint
Procedures for basic office processes like …. mail merge

So as of 3pm on Saturday 25th of June the JMJ – EA for a Day website went live. Bella and I raised our glasses to a job well done. We both knew that we had created a wonderful tool / resource for people who just want to have their office run a little bit smoother whether you are out there in an office or working in your home office.

In the months to come we will add another tab that will be home to numerous resources and articles for you that I am sure will help you create or improve on a wonderful office environment. ( I need to tell Bella this but it’s her birthday today so I don’t want her to think about work).

You can subscribe to my site and receive a monthly newsletter that will tell you when things will be new on the site, I would like it to be your one stop shop for resources from paperclips to filing systems and everything in between.

Wishing you a wonderful week, what ever it is you are doing.