How hard can it be, I mean really. You make the decision to go into business, you decide you want this, this and this and you will need that, that and that, however my decision to build a website has been more or less a very complexing task however, I want one, I need one and I will have one. Although daunting, the decision to have one was easy, the hard part has been what shade of what colour will the background be! I know, I can hear you say ‘oh please if that’s all you’ve got to worry about then your an extremley lucky person’. But wait, it really isn’t that simple; there are so many aspects of the site that needs to be taken into consideration before being discarded on that ever growing mound of unuseable business ideas.

I met last night with the most wonderful and talented of website designers, we threw around ideas in a 3 hour brainstorming session which included the mandatory fuel of coffee, cheese and biscuits (wine would have only clouded our thinking). The laptop was dragged back and forth across the kitchen table with the cordless mouse being thrown from hand to hand as we both fed off each others ideas. Exhausting yes, but it inspired me to keep searching long after my designer went home. It would appear from the email that she sent me at some ‘early hour of the morning’ that she too was inspired to continue with her search to feed my obsession for that elusive shade of of my chosen colour.

You see, I have the basic idea of what I want, in fact, I know it will be a stunning site, uncomplicated, no or very little scrolling and fluffng around, it will be a site designed with you, the customer in mind. After all, this is all about you and how I can help make your life / business work easier and more efficiently for you; the first place I will start is with my website.

The design and layout will be uncomplicated, logical and provide you with the information you need to be able to make an informed decision. The background colour must be apealing to you and not make your eyes sore or make the task of you viewing and navigating the site a teadious one.

The colour will remain a secret, known only to myself and my website designer until all will be revealed. But wait, there is more, there is always more, I now have to write the information for the site and approve the layout and Bob’s your uncle, hey presto, whala, it will be ready for you to use. So, how long before you get to check it out, I would be expecting to have the site up and running by the end of June.

Until next week, I hope you have an enjoyable time doing what ever it is that you are doing.