Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve planned for it, organised it and finally done it. I handed in my resignation 4 weeks ago to a company that I have loved working for and that has been my home away from home for 10 hours or more a day on average for the past 8 years.

So, who is this company I hear you ask, none other than Myer Pty Ltd as an Executive Assistant / Office Manager. I mean really, who would have thought the fashion industry is where I would have ended up after my life of work in the emergency services arena. My entire working career I have been in administration and the last 20 or so of those years as an executive assistant and my working for the man career has ended in my final role as Executive Assistant to the General Counsel / Company Secretary at Myer. In that 8 years, 6.5 were spent working above the iconic Myer Melbourne Store in the Lonsdale Street offices (oh the shopping I use to do) until we moved to the most wonderful retail offices in the southern hemisphere at the bottom of Collins Street in Victoria Harbour.

Of course there are things I will miss about the iconic lady who is Myer, however I most certainly will not miss the commute, and the weather seemed more extreme down there, the wind most of all, there was no such thing as a good hair day. (You ladies with curly hair will appreciate where I am coming from). I know I haven’t forgotten I live in Melbourne and I can get 4 seasons in a day, but never the less, for me Docklands may as well have been Siberia. As much as I loved working for Myer, moving to Docklands for me was the beginning of the end. The commute to work took 3 hours out of my day. So I needed to do something to change things and there was no point waiting for change to come to me, I had to do it myself, after all that is something I am very good at. There is always another solution; you just need to look in the right place.

So here I am concentrating 100% on EA for a Day, and looking to turn into sweet dreams the administration nightmare that some small businesses have by helping them move outside the square. Please visit your EA for a Day website regularly for all sorts up tips and updates and not forgetting ‘Outside the Square’ Newsletter also, you can subscribe to your EA for a Day website and receive a Your Admin Update and you will only receive your update once a month, so if you can handle one email a month from me, what are you waiting for sign up, it’s free.

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Have a great week doing whatever it is you love to do.