What an incredible week I’ve had. My new role working for the man is exhausting, however I’ve learn’t so much in my first two weeks. (Ive worked for the same employer for 8 years and I am speaking of my latest role). As for JMJ, the horse has well and truly bolted and I couldn’t be happier, there’s no way I will shut the gate, there is no turning back, and no, I’m just not going to go along for the ride, I’m guiding this thoroughbred the whole way!

So let’s see what have I achieved this week, my ABN number arrived which was a significant milestone for me, it means that I can now trade and can be paid for the work that I do. In Australia if you don’t have an ABN number a company or individual cannot pay you for the work you have done legally, so that’s a huge tick for me.

I’ve registered my domains, yes I said domains, there are several .com.au and .net.au domains of which will be revealed once my business website is up and running. I couldn’t take this important step until I had the ABN, as you will see, if you are going to go into business in Australia for yourself, everything revolves around having an ABN number.

I’ve learnt some incredible things this week to help move my business forward and was also pleased to see that by taking this slowly while still enjoying a regular monthly wage, I can really have the best of both worlds. My research has shown me that this is indeed the recommended way to go, after all, there is still the rent and bills to pay and of course the almighty internet connection without which, would make setting up my own business a far harder task, but not impossible, nothing is ever impossible.

My to do list is getting longer and surprisingly enough, there are a number of things I’ve managed to check off this week. I will be developing an electronic newsletter and providing my Top 10 Tips for running a successful office. My focus for this weekend is designing my stationery now that my logo is complete thanks to the wonderful crew at 99 Design at www.99designs.com an Australian Company based in Collingwood, definately worth checking out if you are looking for a logo.

Now I don’t want to give away to much or bore you to tears so I will keep this short and sweet. After all, there will be another post next week; you can always follow me on Twitter @JMJ_EAforaDay.

Wishing you a wonderful week, what ever you may be doing.