How’s Your Website Working For You?

2012-11-03T07:59:18+11:00November 3rd, 2012|

How’s business been lately for you, are you getting much business through your website, or is it a little quieter than normal, maybe it always been quite? Put your customer | client hat on and visit your website as if through their eyes. What do you see, what can you find, is it what they

How To Save Space On Your Website Or Blog With Images

2012-08-09T04:41:51+10:00August 9th, 2012|

We have all heard of YouTube and Vimeo for Video sharing and we know about flickr for sharing images (and videos) with family and friends around the globe but did you realise you can also use flickr to upload images to your website or blog program? You know of course this means you will save

Is Your Email Address Hurting Your Business?

2012-07-10T21:12:08+10:00July 10th, 2012|

Over the past few weeks, I have read a few articles from well-meaning people who spent time telling us why we should not use internet based email accounts for our business.  They were all pretty much on the same tangent. "It does not do anything for the credibility of your business". "I actually met some

Excel, How To Protect Your Brand On A Spread Sheet

2012-03-11T16:08:17+11:00March 11th, 2012|

You can protect selected parts of a worksheet ie, your headings, logos, particular columns etc. With the spreadsheet open that you want to protect, select the cells that you want people to be able to use.  If the cells are intermittent, hold down the Command key if you are using Apple Mac or the Control

How Clean Is Your Work Space?

2012-02-26T12:23:08+11:00February 26th, 2012|

Whether you work in an office or you have an office at home or a study nook in the corner of a room. Keeping your area clean and tidy is important; of course it takes a minute or two to maintain on a daily basis, but that minute or two could save you hours of

Creating Your Own Style Guide

2011-09-19T17:09:59+10:00September 19th, 2011|

Leading Your Business Style If you are anything like me you have a 'style' for your business that is part of your branding. You want everything just right so that when people see the brand they instantly recognise it as you, am I right? However, you are constantly pushing an uphill battle with your team