Why You Should Give A Damn About SEO

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For those who have failed to adapt to the constantly changing Google algorithm, link building has long been considered dead. However, links, alongside great content, are said to be Google’s number one ranking factor. And though ranking without links is hard, there are other things to pay attention to if you want to rank higher

How To Improve Your Chance Of Securing Your Next VA Client

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A likely scenario is you have been approached by a potential client, they found you online or via word of mouth. They tell you what they are seeking and then this is where your business savvy comes into play. Start by asking yourself two questions. What does the client need? How does this fit my

10 Questions Virtual Assistants Should Know The Answers To

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My role as an administration consultant means that I provide much more to my clients than database entry. I am the keeper of all that is personal and financial to a lot of my clients. I manage their expenditure, make purchases and book travel. I am trusted with the inner most details of my clients business