Want More Clients? Brand Your Products

2014-06-02T08:00:44+10:00June 2nd, 2014|

Colours, fonts, pictures and catch phrases all coincide to tell a product’s story and communicate your brand. It is these details which make your brand memorable. When you are crafting your brand you are telling a story. Your brand is the emotional connection people make when they think of your product or service. You want

7 Branding Best Practices For Your Business

2014-05-19T08:00:22+10:00May 19th, 2014|

The devil is in the detail as you develop your online and offline branding strategy. As you work to develop your brand remember that your brand is what makes you stand out. Your brand is the emotional connection that people make to your business. Plain and simple, it comes down to what people say about

Get More Clients And Sales By Branding Your Business

2014-05-05T08:00:01+10:00May 5th, 2014|

Where would Coca Cola be without branding! The term brand is something that has evolved over time. The word used to simply refer to a product such as Coke or Vegemite. Now the word brand refers to something much broader. While there are many definitions for the term brand, an article from Forbes explains it

Excel, How To Protect Your Brand On A Spread Sheet

2012-03-11T16:08:17+11:00March 11th, 2012|

You can protect selected parts of a worksheet ie, your headings, logos, particular columns etc. With the spreadsheet open that you want to protect, select the cells that you want people to be able to use.  If the cells are intermittent, hold down the Command key if you are using Apple Mac or the Control