the perfect 5 step processWe all want to be known for something, the drive we feel to leave our mark on the world can be done in many ways and one of the most popular is to write a book. Today, the quickest and easiest way to get your book on Amazon is to self-publish. Granted there are many books and blogs that will tell you how to do it, but at JMJ – EA for a Day, we guarantee to love your book as much as you do.

We have helped clients publish more than 38 books on Kindle, so we know what we’re talking about, and as a result of managing the processes for these 38 books, we have produced the Perfect 5 Step Process to help you get published online.

It is so easy to get discouraged when you start looking into getting your book online. Amazon is a beast, it’s huge, where do you even begin? So you start spending hours of time you don’t have reading, researching, making lists and crossing stuff off the list you’ve just created because you read somewhere you didn’t need to do that step after all. If you’re bent on going down this road yourself, you will need to know:

  • The best format to use
  • How to lay out your book
  • What pages go in what order
  • What is the best font for readability
  • Should you use bullet points; indents
  • How to lay out paragraphs.

That’s just it, you don’t need to know it, but we do.

How To Get Your Book On Amazon

There are 5 individual steps that we take to ensure your book looks its absolute best when published on Amazon.

  1. Proof and Edit – After your book has been written, it needs to be proofed and edited. Reading through it yourself, unless you’re an editor won’t do.
  2. Layout – There is a whole design process to laying out your book and we ensure you have the three book components, front, middle and back the way they’re meant to be to maximise your books impact on a Kindle reader.
  3. Format and Review – Kindle itself has very specific requests you need to include when formatting your book. They want you to look your absolute best on the Amazon website.
  4. Design – The design of your cover and back cover page will depend on the type of book you are publishing – your objective, your niche and your target market.
  5. Publish -Publishing your book has many steps involved that can take some time to complete. You need to ask yourself, how much do you charge your clients an hour? Okay, you worked it out, now x by 100 hours. At $100 per hour, it’s going to cost you $10k worth of your time to do everything that needs to be done. Can you afford to do that? I didn’t think so, it doesn’t make good business sense, does it.

You will also need to create an Author page, your bio, links to your RSS feed, include photos. You want to make sure people can read all about you and buy your book.

There are three things that you need to do.

  1. Write your book
  2. Create a Kindle Account
  3. Pass the project to JMJ – EA for a Day

Realising your dream of getting your book online and heading for the best seller list is now much easier than you thought. To find out more about the 5 Step Process, click here.

*This post was updated on the 1 June 2018 and published on the 20 March 2017