I must admit when I first started out in my own business whilst I was fantastic in some area’s I still had an awful lot to learn in others.  When it came to websites I was a relative novice however, it was something I needed to learn about and fast.  I contacted my good friend Lindy at Shutterweb who not only built my site but also provided a lot of wonderful tuition along the way, where I can now be self-sufficient with my WordPress site and manage the blogs and posts for my clients.  The whole idea of learning is that you never stop, so with that I wanted to find out how I could upload images and create galleries without taking up space on my site (need to keep my web host happy).

Along came Lindy again to the rescue, with a wonderful suggestion that I create a Flickr account.  I had always wrongly assumed that Flickr was just for people to upload their photo’s to share with family and friends around the globe.  Flickr as it turns out is also a fantastic site for uploading the photos and videos you want to share on your website.

For this exercise I will assume you already have a Flickr account, if not go create one, it is free.  However if you want to upload ‘lots‘ of images than you are better off with a paid account for a small yearly subscription it could be well worth it however, only you can determine that.
JMJ - Business Services Flyer







So how do you share an image on your website?  Pretty much the same way you share a video from YouTube or Vimeo, you click on Share and copy the HTML link.  Which is what I have done to display the image above, to see how I have grabbed the HTML code, check out the short video below.