Whoever said there are only 24 hours in a day doesn’t know what they are talking about, besides my full time job which sees me working in the office of the man for 10 hours a day (Excluding my 2.5 hour daily round trip commute), I’ve made the time to ensure that the following items have been checked off my to do list for this week.

  1. Office has now been completed and is fully operational
  2. Text for Website has been drafted and sent to my designer
  3. Made significant networking in-roads using social media
  4. 20 new contacts through LinkedIn have invited me to join their executive networks
  5. I’ve begun my 10 Tips on Excel (Word will be coming shortly)
  6. I’ve designed my business cards
  7. Research, researched and researched
  8. Worked more on my business plan
  9. Updated my financial reports
  10. Written and posted my latest notes update

All of the above and more have been achieved because I made the time to do them. It’s not about ‘not having the time’, that’s so negative. You always have the option, you make the time or you don’t and if you want to move forward in your own business you suck it up and get on with it.

So what is my purpose for writing these notes and telling you what I’ve been up to? The purpose is simply to make sure that I do what I say I’m going to do. If you don’t tell anyone of your plans then the slightest little thing can get in the way and stop you. You can say to yourself “it’s okay no one else knew about it” so I’m off the hook. Well, I want you all to know what I’m up to as this forms part of my motivation because you provide me with the inspiration. Now that it’s out there, I’m inspired to motivate myself to achieve what I said I would. So you see you are all helping me to succeed and I thank you for that. Then there is transperency, I mentioned this in my first post and again I know for home based businesses like I’m developing it is vital that your potential clients can see you are a real person living in real time.

There is another long list of tasks for next week including:

  • Finalising my top 10 Excel tips
  • Finalising my website text
  • Register another domain or two
  • Finalise my business templates / invoices / letter head
  • The list goes on
  • Work for the man

Great things are just around the corner and I’m very excited to be catching up to them.

Until next weekend when I pound the keyboard again, please let me know you have read this by clicking the ‘like’ button or leaving me a comment. I would love to know your thoughts.