11 Things Wrong With Your Coaching Business And How To Fix Them #10

Outsourcing the stuff, you don’t want or know how to do is one solution to you growing your business.

What is it you do in your coaching business that doesn’t bring you any ROI (Return On Investment)? And, by that, I mean time not spent with or focussing on clients.

There are many time wasters in business, and you need to be spending your time working on what will give you the most return and your clients the most value. If it’s not managing your diary, outsource it. Or, if it’s not managing your online course, outsource it. If it’s not preparing your newsletters, outsource it. If it’s not sending meeting reminders, or following up with clients and invoicing, you can outsource that too. There are more things you can outsource than you realise. I mean seriously, what would you do with the six hours plus a day you have just given back to yourself by outsourcing the stuff you don’t need to do?

I know what I would be doing. And it wouldn’t be yanking my hair out about high-stress levels and being overwhelmed with it all.

Here’s how you can outsource the stuff you don’t want to know

  1. Process and Systems Stuff – The behind the scenes important business stuff that gives you the bones you need to build the structure you want in your business.
  2. Client Management Stuff – Our CRM Management Services help our clients build revenue and engage with their target market.
  3. Diary Management Stuff – We have the solution to you showing up late, too early or the absolute worse still, not showing up at all.
  4. Social Media Stuff – We make building your brand easy by engaging, scheduling and sharing great social media content with your online tribe.