5 step process for publishing to Kindle.Ready to publish on Kindle?

Some time ago I created and managed a process for a client who had in excess of 38 books they wanted publishing to Kindle.

Coaches sometimes ask, “What does it take to get my book on Kindle?” Of course, when they ask this, I assume it’s their first book. If it were their second they would already know what needs to happen. Right!

You’d think it would be relatively easy, there are so many apps out there that make this really simple. Of course, that’s true but they are not my preferred go to. I happen to agree with Kindle that Word is the best format for preparing your book.

Rather than verbally explaining all the time, I’ve created a .PDF. ‘Publish for coaches‘ on the 5 step process I used to publish the 38+ books to share with anyone who would like to know.

If you’ve written your first book for Kindle and you want to know what’s involved in getting it online, then click here to download a free copy today.