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JMJ – EA for a Day has a brand new look thanks to my incredibly talented web designer Lindy Barker, a WordPress expert and all round great lady.

The new site has been a labour of love for me since I decided to do something special to celebrate my second year in business.  It also comes with a, change of domain, click this link to visit Jacqui James.

Helping you to fit the puzzle pieces togetherSo, what’s new you ask?  Well, I got thinking about my IP (intellectual property), and what it was that I was good at after attending a Thought Leaders 2-day workshop on ‘Sell Your Thoughts’ at Olinda a few months back.   The workshop opened my eyes to many possibilities of where I can utlise my IP to expand on my current business offering.

‘Ah ha’ moments happened the whole way through the workshop and I knew then that what I had to do was to bring more value to my service offerings and step out of my comfort zone and put in to practice what I have always known I could do.  As a result, I decided to utilise my 25+ years of administration experience and expertise to mentor other admin professionals, it feels very much like a natural progression for me.

I have always been the go-to person, the problem solver, the Dear Jacqui and I have been helping people for years, providing advice, ideas, tips and guiding others to help them make their own informed decisions.  After all, my passion and knowledge is about administration and how to deal with the ups and downs of a mostly thankless and disheartening job for a lot of people.

Does writing an eBook make me an Author?  What better way to help people put together their office admin.  So, I did exactly that, my first eBook, Top 10 Basic Administration tips is available for FREE.  I am now in the process of writing several more eBooks on various topics, of course you will be the first to know when they are completed.

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Help is Available

Are you an admin assistant, an EA, PA, secretary, the one man band, the holder of the fort and are looking for ideas in the following areas?

  • Help to take your career to the next level
  • How to deal with differing personalities in your workplace
  • How to implement your own strategy for moving forward
  • How you can make a difference
  • As many sessions as you think you need

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Time saver tip

EA for a Day Tip

Time saver: If you want your team to be more effective, then provide them with the right tools to do the job.

There is nothing more frustrating to your admin team than expecting them to do a professional job when you have provided them with old equipment.

If you want that all singing and all dancing presentation make sure that the computers your team members use are capable of running the programs they need to do the job that you want.

eBook - 10 Basic Administration Tips

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Top 10 Basic Administration Tips: Looking for some ideas on how to improve administration for your business.  As you are already a subscriber to my website, click the link at the bottom to request a copy and I will email it to you.

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Quote of the month

Quote of the Month

“One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you” ~ Dennis A Peer
Office Hours over Christmas

Christmas Hours

EA for a Day will be closed from Friday 21st of December through to Monday 7th of January (inclusive).
For the first time in I can’t remember how long, I am actually going to have a break.Keep your eye out for our Christmas edition, it will be out a week before Christmas.