LinkedIn as we all know, is a professional business and career social media network. It is the social media network. It’s the place for you to get noticed, for that new job or perhaps that new client.

If you own a Virtual Assistant business or if you are an EA working in the corporate world, LinkedIn is a great platform that can connect you with like minded individuals.

One thing that you do need to do with LinkedIn, if you are serious about networking and meeting like minded people is to have a complete profile. Include a profile pic, and complete the fields relevant to who you are. Simply putting up the name of your employer or business tells anyone who is looking to network with you absolutely nothing.  Your profile picture is a must in this type of social media environment.  I run two groups on LinkedIn, The VA Project and Executive Assistants Australia.  I now take a hard line, incomplete profiles and not profile pictures are no longer accepted.  I am so over hearing, “I don’t put my pic up because I’m scared of identity theft or, I don’t put on a pic because it doesn’t matter’.  Well my response is, if you are scared of identity theft, get off social media and if you feel a profile pic doesn’t matter well it does.  To me and if I can’t see who I am connecting with then I am not interested.

Did you know that when you apply for a job or submit a RFT a lot of companies actually look you up on LinkedI. By not including more information and a profile pic, your chance of finding a new job or that new client may go down the drain. A lot actually hinges on your LinkedIn profile. If you are not serious about being professional, improving your knowledge base, connecting with like minded people then don’t create a profile and don’t send requests to join groups.

All too often, we check our LinkedIn profile every ‘now and then’ and go crazy joining groups and linking up with individuals, but then we drop off the planet for a month or two.You need to be active on LinkedIn, what is the point of connecting with people if you are not going to network with them, it’s not about who has the most connections, it’s certainly not about getting to 500 connections quicker than the next person.  That’s what games are for, LinkedIn isn’t a game.

If you have a LinkedIn profile keep it up to date, check in to LinkedIn at least once a at the bare minimum; if you like to join groups, make sure you join groups specific to your needs and network with them, share tips, information, ask questions, create networking bonds. After all, you never know when you are going to need to call on some of those you network with for help.