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EA for a Day goes mobile

Being able to read what we want, when we want is not a nice to do anymore it is now an every day demand.  So to meet that demand EA for a Day has gone mobile too.

What’s new in social media?

LinkedIn has had a make over with new profiles available.  This is still the best site for business networking in my view.  Overall I like the changes they have made in their bid to go head to head with other social media sites.

Facebook bought Instagram.  Good or bad, I’m not too sure yet.  It will defiantly help with the integration of photos, but there is talk that Instagram will be able to sell off your pictures.  You will need to do your homework on that one.

Pinterest goes from strength to strength and now allows you to merge your personal page into your Pinterest business page.

Google+ in its bid to out do Facebook has also incorporated some great new features.  You can now merge circles from one account to another, although this takes 7 days.  They have also incorporated communities a bit like the ‘groups’ on LinkedIn.

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Planning a workshop, here are my top 5 tips onthe basics

1. Plan, plan and plan
Allow ample time to plan and prepare, Rome wasn’t built in a day so there is no need for you to feel you can develop, plan and prepare your workshop in 24 hours, it just doesn’t work.  Things always get missed and you are left with egg on your face and your attendees will give you a bad rap.  Remember word-of-mouth can make or break a business.

2.  The Invitation
The invitation is the first impression your attendees will have of what your event offers or how it will benefit them to be there. When designing your invitation it should be relevant to your event and provide information such as date, time and venue.  Believe it or not, I have actually seen where this vital piece of information has actually been forgotten.

Decide how to deliver your invitation, snail mail, HTML.  Make sure that you cover off any costs, inclusions and exclusions, what the attendee can expect on the day.  All these things are important to securing maximum attendance.

3.  Everything is relevant
If you are planning your first workshop, and your event is free, keep it simple, however if you are charging your attendees, ensure you provide them with everything they will require for a successful event and so that they keep you top of mind when they leave.   You want to create the wow factor, give them something to talk about and share with their friends.

I’m not going all Oprah Winfrey here and suggesting you give away a car or holiday to your attendees, but ensure you have the appropriate and professionally prepared brochures and any support documentation they will require.  Do not provide attendees with poorly prepared documents, see point 4.

4. Ensure you provide the right tools
Ensure you provide everyone the relevant workbooks that have been bound not just stapled together and if printed in house, ensure the quality is good and there are no missing pages.

Provide your attendees with pens / pencils and paper, venues often provide these as part of your package with them.  However if you are doing this in house ensure you have enough stationery on hand for both the attendees needs and your own.  Never assume your attendee will bring their own.

5. The venue

Pick a venue that is central to your target market, can they get their with public transport?  Is there car parking close by?  Does the venue have accommodation if needed?  Does the venue cater or do you have to bring in your own?  What type of furnishings are needed, do they provide tables, chairs and coverings or do you need to source them else where.A lot of venues allow you to bring in your own data projector, check with them first as this can be a huge saving off your bill.
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Pay it forward
This month I would like to share with you a blog by Michael Hyatt a best selling author, ex CEO and leadership authority.  I subscribe to Michael’s blogs not only for the great information but also because the information is practical.
Check out – Do You Have a Personal Platform Plan for 2013?
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EA for a Day Tip of the MonthSpend the first 10 minutes of your work day preparing.  Review your diary, your To-Do list, check any messages that have been left for you and review your inbox to help you prioritise your work day.Review your list often through the day add new tasks as they come up and cross or tick them off your list as you finish them.
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