We all have them, but how much thought do we put into them?  What do they tell prospective clients and customers about us? What sort of information should we, or what shouldn’t we include and does quality really matter?

Before you run out and spend a fortune on what might seem like a good idea now, check out my Top 10 Takeouts on what you should consider for your business cards.

If you want a card with a solid colour on one side, check with the printer that they can replicate this card perfectly on the 2nd and subsequent print runs.  You don’t want your branding to suffer because the printer cannot get the exact same colour second time around.

I really don’t like those $10 card deals, the companies that promise you great cards for little money.  They are like McDonald’s there is always an upsell, ‘would you like your logo on your card’, ‘would you like your own brand colours on your card’ all of a sudden that cheap deal that got you to click in the first place is going to cost you significantly more than you expected.  I can’t stress enough, do your homework first.  Your local printer can deliver just as quickly if not faster than the cheap overseas services.  I know, I’ve been there done that and the results were disastrous, what seemed like a good idea at the time, cost me money.

If you are out there on social media, include your social media handles on your business card also, let people know where else they can find and learn more about you.

Top 10 Takeouts: Must Consider

  1. If you aren’t a designer, contract one
  2. Don’t use fancy / scroll fonts
  3. Keep font size around 7 – 8pt minimum
  4. Don’t use anything less than 320gsm card
  5. Use a local print service
  6. Include name, address, phone, www, email as a minimum
  7. Use both sides of the card
  8. Include your logo / branding
  9. Not all colours print well, choose carefully
  10. Proof, proof and reproof