For those of us that use Google Calendar we all know how to create a diary entry and fill in all the bits and it can be time consuming to say the least.  News Flash, there is a shortcut and this one does make your scheduling life easier.

For example, Betty-Sue sends you an email wanting to set up a meeting.  She has put some dot points in the email that will serve as a brief agenda, it looks pretty good and you decide to set the meeting up right away.

With the your GMail open, click on and open up Betty-Sue’s email.

Click on the More button at the top of the Google Mail email
Click Create Event.

At this point your Google Calendar will open at the event, the body of the email will be automatically entered in the description.

Now that you have got this far,  you will need to make some changes:

  • Choose the correct date and time
  • Choose the time zone if relevant (handy if someone is overseas)
  • Enter the location of your meeting / event
  • Invite other attendees (note as the email came from Betty-Sue, she is automatically invited)
  • Select which of your Calendars you want to use
  • Select if your attendees can modify the event, invite others or see who is attending
  • Add any attachments
  • Set your reminder preference
  • Click send