As promised, this is part 2 in my series on keeping your computer running smoothly without spending a cent.

This week I will cover off how to defragment a hard drive on a Windows 10 based system, Windows 7 and 8 are very similar, and the same process is more or less followed.

Oh no! Fragmented files everywhere! What you can do about it!

Use a defragmentation program. (Guess what? Your computer has one built in for free!) It does the job of going through your hard drives, as well as all the files and data in it. the defragmentation program puts the little pieces back together again, quite like going through an out of order Dan Brown and novel, and putting the pages back into their proper order again.

This means, that when your computer needs to access data off your hard drive, which is to say, constantly. The hard drive has to do less physical work looking for all of the pieces of your files when it comes time to access them. The win here is, that this of course, increases your work efficiency by spending less time loading and more time working.

How to defrag your hard drive?

Below is a link for a YouTube video I made for you. This will give you a step by step guide on how to defragment your computer. (It’s actually much quicker to do than you might think.) I recommend that you defragment your computer every 2-3 weeks for Windows, and once a month for Mac, and it can and should be done in the background, so while the drive is doing the defrag you can keep working. Do keep in mind larger drives will take longer to defrag, and longer still, depending on how badly fragmented it is.

Defragment P2 Video 300 x 186

Important things to be aware of:

  1. Firstly a Mac system is different from a Windows PC and the Mac operating system doesn’t fragment like a Windows one does, this means you need to run a defragmentation less frequently to maintain a good system.
  2. This video applies to Windows 10 and to a lesser extent Windows 7.

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