Did you know? Only 43% of Australians say that they work at peak productivity most of the time. That’s less than half of the entire workforce!

As a coach are you among those not working productively?

If you answered, yes, don’t worry. Productivity is, fortunately, an area that can be improved on with the right habits. Let’s take a look at some of these habits that encourage productivity – call them the 7 Habits of Productive Coaches if you will.

1.    Create a daily to-do list

Take 5 minutes at the end of each day to come up with a to-do list for the following day. On your list might be a follow-up call with a prospect you met today, it could be sending out invites to your next seminar, or even places you need to go and network. Having a to-do list will get your mind ready for the next day’s tasks. You’ll wake up knowing exactly what demands your attention and what to focus on first.

2.    Employ the 80/20 rule

20% of the things you do daily will create the success needed in your coaching business. Leave the remaining 80% of administrative tasks to business managers like JMJ. By delegating the roles you don’t need to be doing, you can zone in your efforts on those endeavours that help build and grow the business. It’s called streamlining and many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs use this 80/20 rule.

3.    Use your mornings wisely

According to this post by Jill Duffy on morning and evening routines, the. The earlier hours of the morning can be used for tasks that don’t demand too much thinking such as exercising and meditating. As the day progresses, distractions increase and productivity levels reduce.

4.    Have a plan for disruptions

Workplace distractions happen all the time – constantly checking in to social media, replying to emails as they pop-up, and stopping to chat with our colleagues. This is common, right? Yes, but these distractions significantly lower your productivity.

What to do?

To counter these challenges, you’ll need a plan in place. For example, stick to answering emails at one particular time during the morning and in the afternoon. Perhaps before your mid-morning break and straight after lunch. Keep chatty friends away by gently reminding them that you’re working and you’ll come back to them later.

5.    Avoid multi-tasking like the plague

We live in a culture where we’re constantly being bombarded with images of the perfect work-life balance. We try to do it all and as coaches may even believe we can do it all. However, studies have shown us that it’s not true.

We’re actually less productive when we attempt to juggle too many things at once. This includes trying to be your own secretary, personal assistant, and manager. You just can’t do it all.

JMJ business managers have been working with coaches for over 8 years and have successfully helped them become more productive by taking over the administration and leaving them to focus on what they do best.

6.    Allocate strategic breaks during the day

We’re a generation that’s increasingly becoming less able to keep our minds focused on one thing at a time. It’s important to realise this and to adapt in order to avoid feeling frustrated in your business. However, your carefully timed tea and lunch breaks should not become over-extended gossip sessions with fellow colleagues. Avoid logging into social media during this time because we all know what it’s like. Opening social media during breaks is a rabbit hole you’ll climb out after many wasted minutes or even hours.

7.    Set weekly goals and review them

You cannot improve what you do not measure. Setting goals and having metrics in place to review them is a sure-fire way to stay on track and measure productivity. Take a few minutes every Sunday to plan for your week.

What do you want to achieve in the week? How many new prospects will you talk to/email/call? What are your targets for the coming week? At the end of each week, also set aside time to see how you did and rate yourself. Having a system of checks and balances will show you if you’re lagging in productivity and where you can step up.

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