Whether you work in an office or you have an office at home or a study nook in the corner of a room. Keeping your area clean and tidy is important; of course it takes a minute or two to maintain on a daily basis, but that minute or two could save you hours of looking and frustration.

If you lack storage, purchase some inexpensive fold up boxes (with lids the archive type) from your local stationery store. If you arn’t a fan of the colour of the boxes but the price is great, you can cover the boxes with contact in a pattern that makes you smile, or purchase some great wicker baskets to keep nick knacks in like cords, batteries and things you need on hand but not in your face.

If you like to have a drink at your desk, make sure you use a great coaster to keep your cup or glass on. I find it useful to surround myself with items I like to look at, I am far more likely to use them.

I also keep a packet of handy wipes near by for wiping down desktop and shelf surfaces, not only functional but gives your work area a clean fresh smell.