This subject seems to come up now and then in blog posts, in forums and on social media sites. ‘Do you put your rates on your website or not?’ It’s a simple question, but it’s not so easy to answer. I for one prefer to see rates on a site or at least be able to glean a pretty good indication of how much something is going to cost me without having to call the business.

Of course there is argument both for and against this practice. So what do you do, do people have to call you so you can try to convince them that they need you or do you put it out there for all to see? Where they can decide for themselves if they want to call you.  I think we take a pretty big gamble expecting prospective clients and customers to have all the time in the world to call.  We know ourselves getting the 10 minutes you need to call someone, ask a few questions and listen to the responses is easier said than done.

So, for what it’s worth, this is what I think! If I put my rates out there then the only people who are going to talk to me about how I can help their business are those who are interested to begin with. I don’t have time to spend trying to convince tyre kickers that my hourly rate is a good rate, when really they want someone who will work for $5 per hour (and that’s not me). If this truly is what you want, then there are many companies on the Internet that will gladly find you overseas help.

So when you are next working on your website, and you are trying to work out should you include your rates or not, consider all those prospective clients / customers who ‘don’t call’ because as far as they are concerned ‘no price means they can’t afford you’ when I am sure in a lot of cases this is the exact opposite.

I have read arguments for and against, but for me, I prefer to be transparent and my clients and future clients know exactly what I charge. For me, having my rates on my website is a win win … what about you?