Do you ever think about how you do things?  You just happen to know don’t you after all,  you have been doing them for years.

We all have the ability to develop and implement our own processes and procedures, we keep them locked in our heads and we don’t have the time to sit and put them to paper.  Then the inevitable happens, you go away, you leave, you get to busy and someone always wants something now, this instant.  But guess what, because you aren’t available to help they have to wait, putting a spanner in the works for the person wanting to move forward.  Now if you had all shared your role with someone else, or had prepared a procedure manual on the most common tasks you undertake (at the very least).  Chances are the wheels wont fall off the wagon.

For a lot of people talking about documenting, creating policy | process | procedures is boring and you may as well be the annoying buzz in their ear.  However, to some people this is an exciting opportunity to share what they know and provide solid instructions for the next person on how things need to be done to minimise down time, breakages and how to keep the wheels turning so as to increase the bottom line.

Me, I am in the category of obsessed.  I am a troubleshooter and an organiser of busy lives and to be able to do that, I need to have processes and procedures in place for how things are done.  Too many people rely on this being the case, it is my business!

At the moment, I am working on a set of procedures for a specific group of tasks that a client wanted documented. We commenced with a meeting, a review of what currently worked and what didn’t.  Once we determined the overall mud-map, I then commenced chunking everything down.  I created an umbrella flow chart, then broke that down into a chart for each of the processes, and then I created the procedures to match each of the processes.  The client now has a pictorial overview and then individual instruction on how to achieve the desired result.  This is then passed on to anyone in the client’s business who needs to know how to this particular task.

Working in such a creative area is a real buzz and I revel in the opportunity to work like this.