So, I’ve made the decision to write this blog. An ongoing adventure of me, my career and my business. But to what degree do I do this, of course I have to think long and hard before putting fingers to keypad. After all the whole point of this is to provide you, my future clients more insight into the type of person you will do business with. Does what I’m doing here with this blog have a label? Of course it does, ‘transparency’.

I believe that if I’m to conduct business over the Internet and via social media, transparency is important. Why, because I believe it is vital that my clients and prospective clients know me, and be comfortable with me after all, you will be the one allowing me to step into your business to provide the best quality EA service whether it be conducted via the Internet or at your office.

So let me introduce myself my name is Jacqueline and I am JMJ – EA for a Day.

We all have at least one friend who is great at inspiring, motivating, pumping us up, tearing us down, and then putting us back up on that pedestal again. But then again maybe you don’t, however, in my case I do. For the past, shall we say ‘many’ years, I have had the pleasure of working with one of the most inspiring individuals to ever immigrate to the shores of Australia.

It is this person who has inspired me to take the next steps and who helped me to realise that the confidence I have in my own ability was all that I needed to take a leap of faith. With the right preparation I know I have the ability to build a successful business that will help your business to move forward and outside of the square. This allows you to to concentrate on the strategic management of your business and allowing me to manage the ‘fluff’ part of your day, the things that need to happen but don’t need you to make them happen.

Of course everyone going into business should have a plan, goals, ideas, inspirations and determination. Without that ‘D’ word it is so easy to get to a stage where you say, it can wait until tomorrow and it generally does, it waits for the next tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the next until one day you realise, your life has passed you by, it has all become to hard and you are unable to find the determination you once had. This will not happen to me, no ifs, no buts, no maybe.

So come along this journey with me while I continue to work for the man and channel my extra energy and the other ’24 hours’ in a day into my new business. (There are 48 hours in a day, right)!

So check back from time to time and see how far my determination has got me :)